Welcome message from Head of Study Undergraduate Program of Electrical Engineering

On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, I would like to welcome you to undergraduate study program of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia.

Vision the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Study Program is to become the excellent center of Study Program in the field of Electrical Engineering, covers aspects of education, research and community service activities, based on the noble values of national culture.

Our study program was founded in 2014. Now it has grown to over 12 faculty members, 170 undergraduate students, and two supporting staff. Initially, we have four study specializations, which are 1) Power System Engineering, 2) Electronic Signaling System, 3) Mechatronics systems, and 4) Computer and informatics systems. Now, In 2019, our specializations, which are 1) Power System Engineering, 2) Control and Mechatronics, and 3) Computer and Telecommunication Engineering.

Our curricula lead to the degree of Bachelor of  Engineering in the field of Electrical Engineering are designed to provide students with a solid background in mathematics and basic sciences, power system engineering, control and mechatronics, and computer and telecommunication engineering.

Our study program is committed to producing graduates, who can design and develop, implement, and analyze engineering issues in the field of electrical engineering. 

Once again, we welcome you to the Electrical Engineering Study Program.

Plt. Head of Study Program of Electrical Engineering

Ir. Feri Adriyanto, S.Pd., M.Si., Ph.D., IPU, ASEAN.Eng.

Email: feri.adriyanto@staff.uns.ac.id