The Internet of Things (IoT) Laboratory presents as an effort to complement the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0. This laboratory focuses on research and development in the field of Internet of things, which includes the physical layer, communication layer, user interface, and security. Contact us:

Head: Agus Ramelan, S.Pd., MT.


  1. Muhammad Hamka Ibrahim, ST., M.Eng.
  2. Chico Hermanu Brilianto A., S.T., M.Eng.
  3. Joko Slamet Saputro, S.Pd., M.T.
  4. Dr. Eng. Faisal Rahutomo

Internal Services:

  1. Laboratory of IoT Course
  2. Laboratory of Creative Project Course

External Services and Collaboration:

  1. Professional Consultant
  2. Customize IoT Product
  3. Training
  4. Research and Development
  5. Riset
  6. LoRa-BEMS (Building Energy Management System)
  7. Driver Fatigue Detection System based on IoT
  8. Fleet Management System