In the curriculum for each course, the course learning outcomes (CPMK) must be achieved. Lecturers are given the authority to determine the appropriate method or measurement method. Learning outcomes are evaluated through assignments, exams, and / or other forms of assessment and expressed in a range of 0-100. For the calculation of the Achievement Index (IP), the numeric value (NA) is converted to letter grades. The conversion rules and weight of each letter grade for IP calculation are shown in the following table.

Range Score Letter
>=85 4 A
80<=S<84 3,7 A-
75<=S<79 3,3 B+
70<=S<74 3 B+
65<=S<69 2,7 C+
60<=S<64 2 C+
55<=S<59 1 D
<55 0 E

Measurement of Learning Outcomes can be done by test-based, performance-based or project-based.

1. Test based evaluation. Measurement based on tests is done by giving assignments, quizzes or exams.

2. Performance based evaluation. Measurement based on performance or performance can be done by means of presentations, lecture reports or practicum reports or papers.

3. Project based evaluation. Measurement based on this project is carried out by giving a design assignment or design either in groups or individually.