Becoming the excellent center of Study Program in the field of Electrical Engineering, covers aspects of education, research and community service activities, based on the noble values ​​of national culture.


  1. Organizing education by developing a teaching and learning system with a new paradigm: guided “Student-Centered Learning”.
  1. Organizing qualified personal development, which is creative, innovative and competent, supported by a friendly, fair and sincere attitude, through foster families.
  1. Developing the field of electrical engineering, especially concerning the fields of energy, signaling, information, mechatronics, and electro-automotive.
  1. Carry out research to develop new technologies in a planned and sustainable manner in line with the learning and teaching process.
  1. Implement the application of new technology in the context of community service.
  1. Produce graduates who have high competitiveness and virtue.

 Educational objectives:

  1. Produce qualified graduates in the field of electrical engineering who have the integrity and motivation creatively, innovatively, friendly, fair and competent so that they have the fighting power and high competitiveness and virtue so they are able to work professionally independently or in teamwork based on sufficient knowledge to answer the challenges that exist to achieve excellence in the development of human resources.
  1. Transferring knowledge to students effectively, creatively, innovatively, professionally by carrying out the teaching and learning process based on independent activities of students and teams to gain excellence in mastering the field of science.
  1. Producing innovations in the field of electrical engineering covering the fields of energy, signaling, information and mechatronic technology proportionally by carrying out planned and sustainable research to gain excellence in the development of fields of science, especially in the field of electro-automotive.
  1. Produce new technologies that provide solutions to existing problems in order to improve people’s welfare to gain excellence in community service.