What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering is a branch of engineering that studies electrical problems and their applications in people’s lives. In the field of electrical engineering, many involve the concept, design and design, development, and implementation of electrical device products. The field of electrical engineering plays an important role in the development and advancement of high technology such as in the fields of computers, electronics, telecommunications, energy, instrumentation, and control.

Overview of Electrical Engineering Study Program of Sebelas Maret University

The Electrical Engineering Study Program is one of the study programs at the Faculty of Engineering, Sebelas Maret University, which was established on April 29, 2014, through a Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture (No.17/E/O/ 2014). In December 2017, the Electrical Engineering Study Program has carried out the first accreditation from BAN-PT BAN-PT (4546/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/XI/2017) and obtained Accredited B.

The faculty members in the Electrical Engineering Study Program of Sebelas Maret University are 12 staff which are 1 professor, 4 doctors and 7 masters, and 2 supporting staffs. The faculty members is still added by teaching staff from other study programs at the Sebelas Maret University who are assigned to teach courses in Electrical Engineering Study Program. Currently the number of Electrical Engineering students reaches 148 people. In 2018 the first alumni were graduated from the school.

To support educational activities, Electrical Engineering Study Program has 6 laboratories including the Electronic Laboratory, the Telecommunications and Signal Processing Laboratory, the Computer and Network Laboratory, the Instrumentation and Control Laboratory, the Energy Conversion and Electric Power System Laboratory and the Internet of things Laboratory. The laboratory facilities are also added by sharing laboratories in other faculties at Sebelas Maret University, such as the Physics Laboratory at UPT Integrated Laboratory.