Thesis in the Electrical Engineering Study Program FT UNS is one of the requirements to complete the study as well as to obtain a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Thesis can be one or a combination of the following activities:

a. Case studies in the field (systems for solving problems in industry, research problems (opening boundaries / assumptions), offering technology, providing benefits, and adding features).
b. Application / applied / experimental.
c. Computing, programming and / or modeling (simulation).
d. Design / design / manufacture of tools / systems.

The topic of TA concerns systems to generate solutions or to solve problems (for example: industrial problems, research problems (opening boundaries / assumptions), offering technology, providing benefits, or adding features).

In accordance with the Vision and Mission of the FT UNS Electrical Engineering Study Program, TA has several objectives as follows:

a. To produce graduates who are moral, professional, highly competitive and independent, able to provide scientific and analytical solutions to problems encountered and able to develop themselves to answer future challenges.
b. Produce research findings at local, national, regional and international standards.
c. Producing works of community service based on the application of science and technology

In the Electrical Engineering Study Program, TA has a weight of 4 (four) credits. TA undergraduate students is specific, meaning that the topic and content of the TA must be different from one another. If there is the same topic or content of TA, it can be classified as plagiarism and may be subject to sanctions.

Special awards or rewards to get an A grade automatically without a hearing session (only doing the Minutes of Examination) will be given to students directly if the student meets the following requirements:

a. Awarded the PIMNAS gold medal 7
b. Applying for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
c. National Accredited Journal Publication (accepted notification)
d. SCOPUS Indexed Journal Publication (accepted notification)