The learning process for the undergraduate level in Electrical Engineering UNS follows the applicable rules, namely the Sebelas Maret University Chancellor’s Regulation number 5821 / UN27 / HK / 2O16 concerning the Implementation and Management of Undergraduate Program Education. The system used is the semester credit system (SKS) where the amount of time for learning activities is charged to students per week per semester in the learning process through various forms of learning. One semester is a unit of time for the effective learning process for at least 16 (sixteen) weeks; including midterm and final semester exams. In general, undergraduate programs are taken within 8 semesters.

1. The study load of undergraduate students is determined by the study program in accordance with the applicable curriculum.

2. To meet the learning outcomes of undergraduate program graduates, students are required to complete a study load of at least 144 credits.

3. One academic year consists of 2 (two) semesters. The study program can hold intermediate semesters in accordance with the SN Dikti provisions.

4. Further provisions regarding the administration of intermediate semesters will be regulated in separate provisions.

5. Student learning load in semesters one and two is provided in packages, the amount of which is adjusted to the curriculum applicable in the study program.

6. After the first two semesters of the first year, students can take the study load more according to the social studies achieved, with the conditions shown in the following table.

No. IPS Credit
a IPS < 1,5 max 12
b IPS 1,5-1,99 max 16
c IPAS 2,00-2,49 max 18
d IPS 2,5-2,75 max 20
e IPS 2,76-3,00 max 22
f IPS > 3,00 max 24

7. One SKS in the form of lecture, response and tutorial learning, including:
a. Face-to-face learning activities of 50 (fifty) minutes per week per semester;
b. Learning activities with structured assignments of 60 (sixty) minutes per week per semester; and
c. Self-study activity 60 (sixty) minutes per week per semester.

8. One SKS in the form of seminar learning or other similar forms of learning includes:
a. Face-to-face learning activities of 100 (one hundred) minutes per week per semester; and
b. Independent study activities of 70 (seventy) minutes per week per semester.

9. One credit for practicum learning, studio practice, workshop practice, field practice, research, community service, and / or other equivalent forms of learning, is 170 (one hundred and seventy) minutes per week per semester.