Student achievement is an important asset in the development and progress of the study program. The active participation of students in participating in positive activities must always be supported and encouraged. Therefore the Electrical Engineering study program defines the pattern of coaching and managing student achievement. The categories of achievement activities that can be recognized as achievements are as follows.

  1. Appreciation
  2. Workshop / Seminar / Conference / Expertise
  3. Organization and committee
  4. Community Service and Volunteership
  5. Laboratory Assistant and Practicum
  6. Other (Write down the type of activity and will be validated)

Students can take the initiative themselves or be delegated by the study program in participating in an achievement activity. Every student is required to provide guidance with a PA lecturer or other lecturer. The above diagram can be explained by the following points.

  1. Information on competitions and activities that are included in the prestigious activity category will always be updated through the Electrical Achievement page on the Electrical Engineering Study Program website. In addition, students can also find competition info from external news sources through online media and posters and so on.
  2. Students can register for prestigious activities on their own initiative, for example registering for LKTIN, PKM, Essay Contest or other competitions. In addition, the study program can also delegate students, such as in the Student Achievement Selection (Mapres), Lab Assistant, Practicum Assistant, or other activities. If funding is needed, students can apply for competition funding assistance to the Faculty of Engineering or to the UNS Student and Alumni Bureau.
  3. After completing the achievement activity, students MUST input their achievement data via the google form page available on the electrical engineering website for a maximum of 6 (six) months after the activity is complete. If you do not make input for a specified period of time, then the achievement activity cannot be recognized as an achievement that will be recorded later in the SKPI.
  4. The achievement database entered by students will be the basis for the study program to provide appreciation in the form of certificates, display of prestigious news on the Electrical Engineering website, and data collection to be printed on the Certificate of Companion Certificate (SKPI).

With the above pattern, it is hoped that all students are motivated to make the best use of their time in participating in prestigious activities.

Remember, being young is only once, make it MEAN!

If you have further questions, contact the contact person Mr. Agus Ramelan, S.Pd., MT. in the study program.